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Legionella Abatement

Many drinking water systems suffer from stagnation and erratic flow rates. They are susceptible to microbial contamination, regardless of material, age or design. Old piping systems in particular offer microorganisms sufficient protection and reproduction capabilities within their porous inner surfaces. This enables virulent strains such as Legionellae and Pseudomonae to affect the drinking water to such an extent that it poses a permanent danger to human health.

We specialize in large-scale systems and are tested and certified by the VDI, the Association of German Engineers. With our know-how and experience in the fight against microbial contamination in building infrastructure, we are the best choice for:
Our references in such various areas as hospitals, the military and public sector facilities have relied on our expertise for many years. How can we help you? Customer information: disinfection rinsing (80 kb)