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Homepage Mobile metering systems to guarantee drinking water supply

Mobile metering systems to guarantee drinking water supply

In case of contamination of the property, it could be difficult to prohibit third parties from the use of drinking water or to close the drinking water system itself for disinfection processes. Reasons can be traffic (e.g. stations, public spots), public tasks (e.g. in schools, play schools, hospitals and military barracks) or remote of the property (e.g. in the maritime traffic, mobile homes).

Under these circumstances, we recommend the installation of a mobile metering system for sodium hypochlorite or chlorine dioxide. This advantageous option sustaines the operating mode of property and the supply with drinking water in case of bacterial contamination.

The choice of technology (sodium hypochlorite or chlorine dioxide) and the duration of use will be determined by the type and intensity of bacterial contamination, by structural conditions on-site and by factors of water chemistry.

We provide rental mobile metering systems for sodium hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide at any place, any time.

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